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RE: [SLE] SLES vs SL Pro
  • From: Greg Wallace <gregwallace@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2004 21:08:05 -0800
Thanks for the info. I've been using Pro for a while, but I have lately
been wondering if I should have installed SLES instead. The main reason is
some of the comments I've seen in the suse_oracle mailing list about Oracle
problems with the 9.x releases. That had me wondering whether Oracle was
getting short shrift on the Pro side and that maybe I'd have to stay at an
older version (and maybe have to switch to SLES). From what you and others
are saying, it's just a matter of early version glitches that get ironed out
over time. So maybe (as other's have advised), I just need to stay a
version behind to allow for all of these glitches to get resolved. Then I
could install the next version and immediately download and apply all of the
patches before cranking up Oracle. I don't mind being a little behind in
getting all of the new SuSE capabilities in order to get a more stable
platform, as long as I know that stable platform is not to far around the


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Not really happy with the answers do far...


SLES is certified. That is very important when you want to get support
from oracle, IBM or something like that...

SLES is designed for Enterprise database servers, Application servers,
etc. The updates are more selective and the software is generally older
versions (to garuntee stability). SLES is what the Tax Dept. of
Nicaragua, and El Salvador use to run thier main stream apps (for

The pro is as close to the cutting edge new developement / new features
as you want to get, (There is some discussion that 9.1 is too close to
the edge!).

Here the emphasis is on getting the newest soonest, with a reasonable
amount of stability. This is what I use for daily work, since I want /
need the newest patches for MSN messenger, want the lastest enhancements
to Open Office, and Samba 3.0 features, USB haddisk support, USB camera,
Firewire Video DV interface, etc. (Theese things are not as important
in the SLES Enterpirse server, and you don't really eant them on your

I build SOHO servers with Profesional, but am waiting to update them to
9.1 for it to become more stable...

I've never bought/used/seen the Personal. The samving of some 50$ does
not seam to be worth the missing manual, never mind the missing

That's my humble Opinion...


On Sun, 2004-06-06 at 06:04, Greg Wallace wrote:
> I'm fairly new to Linux and was wondering about how far down in the
> layers the difference between SLSE and SL Pro run. Do they both use the
> same kernel? Do they both use the same Borne shell? Is it just the
> additional layers on top of those for supporting server functionality that
> makes up the difference between them?
> Thanks,
> Greg Wallace

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