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Re: [SLE] Has 9.1 stabilized yet?
*** Reply to message from Stephen Chadfield <stephen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> on
Tue, 1 Jun 2004 11:12:34 +0100 (BST)***

> I had two installations go south because of file system corruption. On the
> third install I did not use LVM partitions and all has been well.

mine here installed w/ LVM ( don't ask, it wasn't happy if I told it
not to, so I let it, I've had no trouble at all. BUT...I think the pro
minumum install is better for most folks than the current version of
the personal 9.1 ( I have a copy of each, one installed runs fine, the
other one has too many problems including a severe lack of things like
Evolution.. which is just weird! I know this is a kde company, and it's
fine w/ me, I prefer it.. but some of my users like some of the gnome
programs on their DTs...

For a rank newbie that is too far away for me to go set up the box, I'm
thinking Xandros.. tho I don't care for it, it installs a single user
and will, it says even live happily w/ a windows partition. ( there
are not windows in our organization so I can't test that part... )

oh yeah, I'm using xfs for my file system.. if that matters... I guess
it could.
Overall, it's an easy install, even the personal installed w/ no
complaints. ( On a box that came inside a cow ... can't remember
company name ) It just had a lot of lock ups, but IIRC that company
still uses some proprietery bits... 8.2 however runs like a charm on
it.. and there have been no virii invasions since it was installed. So
far the best recomendation.. Home users w/ that last straw... can't
even stay online long enough to get whatever patch MS sees fit to
finally release!!

OTH, those kids were almost born inside a computer ( back when you
actually could wander thru it... and the "print outs: were poleroids!)
So they aren't afraid of breaking anything... That has been My biggest
difficulty w/ folks who want to try but are afraid they "will do
something wrong"... silly, that's how we all learned, at least most of
us that can read... screw something up and go read the manual to fixor
it... duh!

nemo me impune lacessit

it's just an afterthought; okay ? : What the heck's a tree doing in a forest???

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