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Re: [SLE] LiveCD-9.1 not bootable?
*** Reply to message from Brad Shelton <bshelton@xxxxxxx> on Thu, 06
May 2004 14:31:59 -0400***

> Just fer grins, I d'loaded the iso and burned it, with k3b and it boots
> and runs fine so it looks like it is system dependent. I thought perhaps
> there might be iso file corruption during download er sump'n, but that
> doesn't appear to be the case.... at least not on this system.
yup, As far as the download and booting on most of the computers I've
got here w/ no problems... including a couple of Asus Mobos... but I
think they might be newer... (asus A7n266 )is on this box.. there is
an older one whic doesn't have an easy way to tell what it is, but it's
about 4 years old.. if that helps.

It took forever to download the thing, even after I found a semi local
mirror... So, do make certain you got everything. One version actually
did try to make a bootable disk from an incomplete download... Which
became obvious when the nubmers didn't match.. tho apparently the Key
did ..
restarted the download and got the rest... made my iso w/ k3b v. 0.10

and I've put it onto hardware everywhere I find a computer that the
folks would allow me to...

nemo me impune lacessit

it's just an afterthought; okay ? : Third Law of Advice: Simple advice is the best advice.

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