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Re: [SLE] Re: NVIDIA once again
  • From: Matthew Johnson <stargoat@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 07:30:19 -0800
  • Message-id: <1078673418.2772.59.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sun, 2004-03-07 at 06:08, John Pettigrew wrote:
> In a previous message, Terry Eck <terry_eck@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Now I've found the problem - I was looking at the wrong set of instructions
> for SuSE 8.2. Strangely, there are 2 sets, only one of which mentions the need
> for the "make cloneconfig && make dep" stage. Having done this, the driver
> reported a successful build and install.

Thats because you're still following the wrong instructions from the
sounds of it :).

> However, trying to use this driver in any way (e.g. running sax2 or starting
> an X session) caused the screen to corrupt (a few blue lines in the bottom
> inch of the screen) and the computer to crash terminally - unlike any other
> crash I've seen, it actually required me to reset the PC and fsck to catch
> corruptions.
> WTF is going on here?

Do the proper install for 8.2 may help. Did you perchance do "sh --extract-only"? This is fine for 8.1 where the
newer installer does not work.

Doing sh (### conforms to the other bits that go
with the drier) will installer the installer, which can then be launched
via nvidia-installer. I would try nvidia-installer -f which is for it to
force an update.

If you still have problems with corruption (the software sort, not the
SCO sort!) then "lspci" will help. Dmesg will be hard if you're getting
hard locks.

Was having issues setting up my brothers computer, from 5000 miles
away...3D just kept saying disabled under /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status
(can "cat" this, cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status) and was frustrating
as hell, then under "dmesg" agpgart was stating that the SiS host 0746
was unsupported and to try a switch (cannot remember off hand), upshot
of this...It works sometimes, but NvAGP, the nvidia driver does not at

So, try again with the install, the way SuSE 8.2 is meant to be done,
then if you have issues we'll take it from there...Right now, I am
writing to SiS asking for better Linux support, they can surely spare an
engineer to contribute patches and information on their chipsets...


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