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Re: [SLE] Comcast and NAT
  • From: James Knott <james.knott@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 15:28:00 -0500
  • Message-id: <401C0FD0.7060200@xxxxxxxxxx>
Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Paul W. Abrahams <abrahams@xxxxxxx> [01-31-04 11:37]:

I should have asked explicitly: given my MAC address, how do I
determine the associated hostname? Can I ping it? Is there still a
fixed associated hostname on Comcast? A Google search yielded posts
that suggests Comcast might be changing their practices on that.

IIANM, your MAC address is only good for internal/local networks and
for comcast to identify your account. You are _not_ identified on the
net by your mac address. Your host/domain address resolves to a dotted
quad ###.###.###.### and this is used to identify you on the net/web.
The word names are a handy way of remembering place-names instead of
learning/remembering a string of disassociated numbers.
If you do not have a static address, your address changes periodically,
although it may not appear to. My address has been the
same for nearly two years, and I would prefer that it never changes.

Unlike what appears to be happening on ADSL, cable modem users tend to have long term dhcp leases.

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