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Re: [SLE] Strange YaST2 Problem
  • From: Preston Kutzner <grdnwsl@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 05 Jun 2003 14:34:17 -0500
  • Message-id: <1054841656.2858.4.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Has anyone else gotten this problem fixed w/out having to revert back to
3.1.1? I can't get the QT3-3.2.0 rpms to install either. This is a
rather annoying bug. In case the SuSE people haven't heard about it,
the KDE 3.1.2 rpms break yast2 software install/update modules. If you
try to cancel out of the installation you will get the "Abandon all
changes?" dialog box, but you will be unable to close it. The OK and
Cancel buttons do nothing, and trying to close the window via the "close
window" button, will only bring up *another* "Abandon all changes?"
window. You can get a lot of those windows on your screen if you keep
pressing the close window button. <g>

On Sun, 2003-06-01 at 13:50, Gerrit Jan Eldering wrote:
> Op zondag 1 juni 2003 20:34, schreef Kirby Nesbitt:
> > Wonder if anyone has seen this..
> > I just downloaded the KDE 3.1.2 packages and upgraded the desktop. No
> > problems there. Now however when I go into YaST2 and attempt to select any
> > packages or groups for update , I receive this idiotic window that pops up
> > and says "Abandon all Changes?" The "accept" or "cancel" buttons are
> > non-responsive causing the whole Install and Remove Software Module to
> > freeze (under YaST). What have I done wrong here in my recent update.
> > For the KDE RPM update, I created a dir under tmp and dropped everything in
> > there. Then Created a new directory entry under YaST2-Change source of
> > Installation. Disabled the cd:/// record temporarily but have since
> > restored this enrty as the sole source.
> > After completing the KDE upgrade I had gone in and deleted the RPM's under
> > my tmp dir (140 MB) in the efforts to conserve space. Could this have
> > thrown a wrench into YaST somehow?
> > Really looking for the expert advise here as I an not sure how I'll upgrade
> > from this point on unless I can get rid of this nag window.
> > Thanks!
> >
> > K. Nesbott
> It's qt3 !
> Go back to
> option upgrade to
> Gerrit Jan
Preston Kutzner | IT Manager

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