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Re: [SLE] Network performances
  • From: Eric <eric@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 11:34:47 -0600
  • Message-id: <200303181134.47220.eric@xxxxxxxx>
On Monday 17 March 2003 03:51 am, Marco De Maddalena wrote:
> I have a server with SuSE8.1
> I have noticed that Linux PCs with old kernel 2.0.x have bad network
> performance. (92 secs for a PC with 2.0.x against 7 secs for a PC with
> 2.4.x to copy a 36MB file - same HW)
> Does anybody have some hints, other than upgrade to newer kernel, since not
> always possible?
> Thanks

I remember seeing some articles and research paper showing horrible 2.0.x
kernel network performance especially when they are negotiating with windows
hosts. Are the transfers between 2 Linux PC's or 2 Linux PC's with the same
HW to a Windows Host.

I'm not sure if 2.0.x /proc has the same setup as it does today, but try some
parameter tuning in /proc/sys/net/
such as window size, TCPOPTs, etc. etc.
There are many how-tos on what some of these ooption do.

Maybe the 2.0.x kernel is using some funky or poorly tuned defaults?

#Eric Bambach

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