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Re: [SLE] [VERY OT] Thoughts of a thread
  • From: "Bruce Marshall" <bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 16:31:47 -0500
  • Message-id: <200302172131.h1HLVlWo017236@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I have seen for about 2 days now the thread about Linux is not ready for
> the desktop and I feel that I need to say a few off topic words.
> Clearly it appears that this thread was troll bait. I'm sure that this
> one will get a few as well but it is not intended to be. So here goes
> Alot of people are from what it looks like to me whinning about how
> Linux is not like Windows. Well it isn't and even though it might get
> the look and feel similar to windows. I genuinely wonder if some people
> on this list have the ambition to learn something new. It seems that
> they don't. All I hear about is how Windows is better or Windows can do
> this and Windows can do that. If Windows works for you then stay with
> windows and thank you for trying Linux! Have a good day! I will admit
> that there are things that Windows can do that Linux does not have the
> functionality to do right now. Like play a few games that I cannot get
> to work under Wine/WineX. But there will come a time that I will be able
> to run them under Linux so in the mean time, I go about my life with the
> two on my same HDD. Please all that I am trying to say is here is that
> you need to recognize the differences and learn them. Like Yoda said in
> the Empire Strikes Back movie I qoute "You must unlearned what you have
> learned" also "No! Do or do not. Ther is no try." When you take the
> approach of ok I will learn some of the differences and work with them,
> you might be a little happier in the long run. Linux seems to work for
> me and that is great. If MS works for you that is fine too. Just please
> quit with the belly aching. If it is that hard, please ask for help
> besides whining that it doesn't work but it works under Windows. If the
> list is too slow, Call in for paid support. There are options to try
> and help you with your issue. I do wish to offend but I (personally)
> have had enough of this and we need to focus on helping out people with
> Linux problems and finding solutions instead of complaining!

Whoa.... Although I agree with the gist of your rant, I think you've
missed some big points.

I was in on the start of this thread so I've read almost all of it.

1) The person who started it was *NOT* trolling... but was a new user to
linux and also an experienced computer person. His comment was that
Linux wasn't as easy to deal with as Windows (usually) is.

I tend to agree with that and I've been working with Linux since RH 4.0
(so there!)

2) Even though I am would I would consider a very experienced computer
person (45+ years at it with mainframes, mini's and micros), I sometimes
find myself bending over backwards to get something to work and I may or
may not succeed. And I say to myself "no way that next door neighbor
Sam is ever going to be able to get that to work!"

An example of this was my installation of digikam, a program to draw
photos off of a digital camera. It took the loading, compiling, and
installing of no less than 7 pieces of software to get it to work, all
done in the right order, and moving things to the right places. Yes, it
was free, but how much is my time and my knowledge worth? Something I

I agree with the premise that Linux needs to be more user friendly. I
don't agree with people who want it to be Windows and want it NOW....

'Nuff said.

+++ Bruce Marshall bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx Bellaire, MI +++

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