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Re: [SLE] Linux isn't ready yet
  • From: Anders Johansson <andjoh@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 16 Feb 2003 20:29:28 +0100
  • Message-id: <1045423768.23999.106.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 20:04, Kevin McLauchlan wrote:
> And they ARE friendly and usable... until you hit some dumb
> little user-interface or operational glitch that Windows figured
> out in 1996.

Easy comment to make, care to back it up with examples? SuSE is an
excellent distribution, and I've installed it on several computers owned
by people who are completely computer illiterate (although highly
literate in other areas), and they haven't seen a single one of the
problems mentioned in this thread.

> The difference between:
> a) Windows crashed/locked up and I had to spend 6 minutes waiting
> for it to reboot
> versus
> b) I told Linux to print my document and it stopped when the paper ran out
> and then I wasted an entire morning failing to find it in the documentation,
> asking other people who didn't know, and waiting for responses from
> mailing lists...

X = number of people running windows
X' = number of people for whom "waiting to reboot" isn't enough, and a
complete reinstall is forced, requiring driver downloads, complete
reinstalls of all software packages, *and assistance from experienced

Y = number of people running linux
Y' = number of people with the problems you people have listed

Now, admittedly, I don't have any hard stats on this, but from personal
experience I'd say that Y' is fairly small and X' is relativel, so

X' / X >> Y' / Y

> is the difference between getting on with the work your boss pays you
> for, versus failing to meet your deadlines and doing a lot of stuff that
> your boss doesn't want to be paying you for.
> /kevin (who was told last week to strip SuSE 8 off his office computer
> and to upgrade from NT to Win2K)

Does that mean you'll be taking your rants to the windows support groups now?
I'm sure you won't have any problems with the glitches windows fixed in 1996,
but be sure to let them know about the ones that will be fixed in 2006 (maybe)

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