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Re: [SLE] gnome
  • From: Allen Kenner <gorefeend@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 14:56:09 -0500
  • Message-id: <200302121456.09439.gorefeend@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hey man, i logged out of KDE and clicked on restart X server, but it didnt
work, so itried again and still no gnome in menu selection,
I am running suSe Linux 8.1 professional. Thank you for trying though:) anyone
else know how? i mean i know i could if i reformatted and reinstalled Linux
but i really REALLY dont wanna have to, because iv put so much into my
system, and i do have a nice uptime going right now and iv updated and
everything soo im up to date also and im really enjoying Linux alot:) also if
i reformate i dont know if Linux would find my souncard again, i had this
problemm with it and so i bought a Soundblaster but the tech who installed it
said that he used a driver of theres i think, so i dont know if Linux would
find and configure it or not, anyway enough of me babbling lol im hoping
someone else can help me, again though thank you all for reading, and also
Thank you all for being so helpfull all the time, it gives me great pride
knowing that im involved in a community that takes care of each other, most
countries cant even say that lol, so everyone, give yourself a pat on the
back :)

On Wednesday 12 February 2003 14:31, Harry G wrote:
> Try restarting the X server.
> Harry G
> On Wednesday 12 February 2003 02:21 pm, Allen Kenner wrote:
> > Hey all, i had gome on here for a while but i took it off for, well i was
> > playin with stuff and decided hey i dont use it much might as well save
> > space, so i took it off and uninstalled most of the gmoe things....well
> > here i am about 3 weeks later and i have a huge amount of space and
> > stuff, i have a 42.9 GB HD and only like 6 GBs are used, so like, last
> > night i was going threw all the stuff i have installed and not installed
> > and i put gnome stuff back on and then after i finished goin threw my
> > instalation stuff i did an online udate and got the updates, then i went
> > to bed, well after i woke up i wanted to play in gnome because im
> > thinking ok i need to learn this too because i like learning Linux GUIs
> > cause oyu never know when youll need the know how, so i logged out of
> > KDE, and when i went to the thing where it lets you choose which gui, it
> > hadnt changed even though i installed like 3 others last i
> > need to reboot? what do i need installed for gnome to be an option? any
> > help is appreciatted, Thank you in advance.

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