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Re: [SLE] Too Difficult
  • From: Curtis Rey <crrey@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 11:05:14 -0600
  • Message-id: <200212011105.14964.crrey@xxxxxxxxxxx>
May I respectfully point out that, due to their nature, CDroms are essentially
considered SCSI devices. If you have a Window OS installed somewhere, go
into the registry and do a search for "SCSI" and you'll find your cdrom
listed under this as well. I can't remember exactly why but if memory serves
me it's to do with the way the firmware on cd devices works. Anyway, the
cd/cd-ide modules and devs (aka dev/cdrom often is symlinked to dev/hdc or
whatever a generic cdrom is listed as -- in my case hde, and dev/cdrecorder
points to dev/sr0 -- meaning SCSI-recorder#0) needs to diferentiate and point
to devices that serve as reader/players only and devices such as sr#, scd#,
and/or sg# are often point to devices that are capable of writing and need
modules such as ide-scsi loaded/configured. This also explains why a
majority of CD writing software in Linux requires root privileges --- because
it is a disc device with write abilities and is handled as any other disc
with write privileges are in linux -- outside of a users directory root is
the only one to have write privileges unless otherwise specified (hence why
programs like Xcdroast, KonCD, K3B write programs have you give the root
password on order to config devices and the program parameters for users).

The DVD rom is essentially a large volume cd disc player and therefore falls
under that category. Having it listed as hdc (or whereever it is on the ide
motherboard interface and ribbon - ide0/1/2/3 and slave or master) is what is
needed to be setup up in the devices. As far as having a connection from the
CD/DVD directly to the sound card is probably true as well. You may also
want to look at any potential connections (similar to the generic drive to
soundcard connects) that are digital, These use the somewhat squared ended
cables like that of the generic drive to sound cables but plugs into a slot
in the CD/DVD marked as digital output connections to a corresponding place
on the soundcard - such as my SBLive 5.1 card. Sometimes these give better
digital output to the sound card and sometimes not.

HTH, Curtis

On Saturday 30 November 2002 22:09, Howard Coles Jr. wrote:
> On Saturday 30 November 2002 03:56 pm, Jon Biddell wrote:
> > => 1. How do I straighten out the mess that has some how
> > => screwed up my ability
> > => to use the two cdroms I have (DVD and HP CD-RW)?
> > => I have a DVD player, and an HP CD burner. Both on the
> > => second channel of the
> > => ide controller. The DVD ROM is the master, which would make
> > => it /dev/hdc and
> > => the burner slave, /dev/hdd. the burner shows up as /dev/sr0
> > => ( which I
> > => believe is ide-scsi channel 1) But, for some reason if I
> > => manually set me CD
> > => player to use /dev/sr0 and put a CD in the dvd ROM it
> > => plays!!! So I change
> > => the cdrecorder to point to sr1, now I can't burn CDs!!!
> >
> > This is interesting - I have exactly the same setup and my Samsung DVD
> > (/dev/hdc) and my HP CD-RW (/dev/hdd) work fine - and have straight out
> > of the box. I'm running SuSE 8.0.
> >
> > I've resisted the upgrade thus far as this is stable - the only thing I
> > can't get is Gnome2.
> Well, stay were you are. 8.1 so far has been one horrible trouble after
> another. I know I'll know linux when this is all done because I'm
> constantly having to fix some broken something.
> Somehow SuSE got confused and assigned my Samsung DVD to /dev/hdc which is
> correct, but then /dev/sr0 to the HP CD-Burner, and now I can't make heads
> or tails of how to get it back to where it belongs.
> Before that it was CUPS causing all manor of print problems, finally had to
> switch over to LPRng to fix that, before that it was sound, the "master"
> volume control only controls one output channel NOT both. Then there was
> the problem with the ATI video card, simple add OPTION "AGPMODE" "4" to
> XF86Config file to fix that. Then there was the 'can't get YOU to get an
> update to save my life. Found a tip on this list about setting passive
> mode to on for wget. Now, xmms is the only player that will play sound
> CD's howeit very softly, can't find the volume control to turn that up.
> May be that /dev/sg0 thing. And then there's the laptop. RedHat and
> Mandrake see the wireless card just fine, same with the battery levels and
> modem, but SuSE doesn't see a darn thing.

Billboard Writer vs. Literature = Micorsoft vs. Computing,

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