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Re: [SLE] My patience has run out
  • From: "Marshall Heartley" <heartley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 15:32:04 -0800
  • Message-id: <Springmail.0994.1036020724.0.11362800@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Wed, 30 Oct 2002 18:20:54 -0800 Salman Khilji <skhilji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> >
> > But what I find interesting and disturbing,
> is that out Windows machines
> > at work don't crash. I work with scientists.
> And they never say their
> > machines crash. They are doing constant
> scientific data analysis, and
> > technical document preparation. I should ask
> more of them if their
> > machines crash. But so far, I have been very
> disappointed to find, of
> > the three guys that I talk to regularly about
> this, that they say their
> > machines run for weeks without crashing.
> This disappoints me because I
> > can't honestly argue to them that Linux is
> more stable. In fact, with
> > the instability of the flagship Konqueror,
> that they would most
> > certainly encounter if they tried a modern
> Linux, while clearly it is
> > not representative of the stability of the
> underlying Linux, they would
> > likely get a bad taste about that.
> >
> BTW, long gone are those days that Windows
> machines would crash a lot. Today
> Windows 2000 almost never crashes in daily
> work. XP is 2000 based and is
> supposed to be more stable, so things in this
> respect don't look good for
> Linux.
> Salman

I did not enjoy the "stability that you have with the forementioned Windows
OS'es. With Xp, I constantly get crashes (BSOD) and reboots. All of my
hardware is on the HCL too and with the latest drivers. Linux on the other
hand tends to play nice with my hardware. Being a former MCSE, I was very
disappointed with Xp. As far as 2K, I've seen MAJOR headaches develop with it
too! I have done roll outs of 2K and not been too impressed! I have a
question for you and not being sarcastic, Why are you still using Linux if
your opinion of it is so bad?


"Nothing is impossible, We just do not have all the anwsers to make the
impossible, possible."

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