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Re: [SLE] [Rant] Native apps PLEASE!? Re: [SLE] wine vs wineX; or another app to port win progs?
  • From: Clayton Cornell <c.cornell@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 09:14:01 +0200
  • Message-id: <200209030914.01460.c.cornell@xxxxxxxxx>
On Tuesday 03 September 2002 08:33, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> ::Granted, your mileage may vary...
> And all this talk means companies won't make native Linux optimized
> games. If they can make these games run on the BSD based OSX. I really
> don't see why they can't do it for Linux. I mean by the last count there
> are more desktop users of Linux then OSX. And most people dual boot or
> keep a Wintendo box around just for games and the occasional app. When
> did we stop fighting for it..when Loki's a**hole CEO ran them into the
> that when we gave up? I mean JC at id said they are
> developing Doom3 on Linux and it will run best on Linux but still have
> ports to OSX and Windows. If it's so good because of the direct hardware
> access Linux gives..then something else must be wrong. They must have
> the idea Linux games won't sell. It's really quite sad. RH and others
> talk about taking Linux to the desktop...well without games I would say
> a great many desktops will either stay Windows or dual booted. :/

Well... if we all make a point of asking (nicely) the game developers to
provide a Linux port/version for our favorite upcoming games they will
eventually get the hint... I hope. There are a lot of Linux users on the
planet.. and lots of us like to relax with a little alien monster bashing now
and then.

I always make a point of posting a question to the game developers about a
Linux version. What I find ironically amusing is often you go read the FAQ
for a certain game/company, and near the top of the list is the question
"Will there be a Linux version of the game?" And then the well thought out
answer that goes something like this... "No, now will everyone quit asking
for it."

In the meantime, after I have searched for the Linux port of the game I want
to play, and after I have made a point of asking the developer for a Linux
version if one isn't planned or doesn't exist, I still would like to play the
game. The result - I find a way to do it either through a dual boot (the
only reason I have Windows on my computer) or via WineX.

Oh, and by the way, id Software has been supporting Linux quite nicely all
along. Wolfenstein is available for Linux, Quake3 etc., and John Carmak has
been quoted as saying that Doom III will be available for Linux. One
interesting statement he made was that he hoped that their support for Linux
would encourage other game manufacturers to follow along.

We are getting there... slowly....


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