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Re: [Fwd: [SLE] Yast 2 SUCKS !!!] rebuttal , I think it's wandered a bit OT
  • From: Fábio Rabelo <fabior@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 10:20:41 -0300
  • Message-id: <3D454129.F819BF4C@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> question: did you do a "clean install" ? ( sorry if you said somewhere,
> I didn't find it) Most, tho not all that had trouble w/ 8.0 install (
> especially when it first came out ) installed OVer a prior release...
> Suse said at that time that it was trying to move towards the standard
> locations for things that some group ( to which they belong) has set
> for all Distros to come into complience w/. When they all get it
> finished ( and Suse didn't move everything all at once, or you surely
> would have had a system installed that didn't work at all ... ) THey
> have been moving items to new locations over the past several
> releases.. Clean install , w/ your data restored after install , seems
> to be just fine...

Yes, it is a clean isntalation !

> Yast2 works rather well, but it *IS* different than the earlier
> versions of yast and yast2.... it has most of the functionality of both
> of those tools, and I'm told that when run from a shell it's pretty
> fast as well.
> **If Suse don't release a "Suse 7.4" with kernel 2.4.18 or 2.4.19 or a
> **Suse 8.1 WITH Yast1 or MUCH MUCH more fast and friendly
> **Yast 2 I will stay away from Suse until now !! ( and my clients too !! )
> I'm sure that will make them very sad.... but I suspect any distro you
> go to is going to have some sticky points, at leastuntil they each get
> all the items in the same agreed upon locations. On the really good
> side, that *Should* make it posible for programmers to spend time
> creating their application rather than trying to figure out what will
> have to be added to the package for it to install/run on ____ (name
> your distro. )

Exatly, any distro !!
But I'm been using Suse JUST because Suse WAS NOT any distro !
If they became just ANY DISTRO I'm use any distro, not Suse !

Fábio Rabelo

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