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Re: [Fwd: [SLE] Yast 2 SUCKS !!!] rebuttal , I think it's wandered a bit OT
  • From: <jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 06:31:08 -0400
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** Reply to message from Hans Krueger <hans007@xxxxxxxxxx> on 28 Jul 2002 21:01:17 -0400

**Now I can undestand all msg from this list soon after 8.1 release !
**This peaple are right !!! Ssue * and Yast 2 sucks !!!
**Fábio Rabelo

question: did you do a "clean install" ? ( sorry if you said somewhere,
I didn't find it) Most, tho not all that had trouble w/ 8.0 install (
especially when it first came out ) installed OVer a prior release...
Suse said at that time that it was trying to move towards the standard
locations for things that some group ( to which they belong) has set
for all Distros to come into complience w/. When they all get it
finished ( and Suse didn't move everything all at once, or you surely
would have had a system installed that didn't work at all ... ) THey
have been moving items to new locations over the past several
releases.. Clean install , w/ your data restored after install , seems
to be just fine...

Yast2 works rather well, but it *IS* different than the earlier
versions of yast and yast2.... it has most of the functionality of both
of those tools, and I'm told that when run from a shell it's pretty
fast as well.

**If Suse don't release a "Suse 7.4" with kernel 2.4.18 or 2.4.19 or a
**Suse 8.1 WITH Yast1 or MUCH MUCH more fast and friendly
**Yast 2 I will stay away from Suse until now !! ( and my clients too !! )

I'm sure that will make them very sad.... but I suspect any distro you
go to is going to have some sticky points, at leastuntil they each get
all the items in the same agreed upon locations. On the really good
side, that *Should* make it posible for programmers to spend time
creating their application rather than trying to figure out what will
have to be added to the package for it to install/run on ____ (name
your distro. )

There is a majo move afoot to have a "standard" and IIRC Suse, and four
others are joining togethe to create that base linux... perhaps you
should wait for that , since it appears you don't want anything in the
default install.
BTW, why on earth did it take you so long to pick and choose your apps?
Did you perhaps forget to have it display everything in groupings ? (
KDE, X apps, Sound, graphics, etc?) I install a lot of things and it's
NEVER taken me more than an hour to get everything done
Each workstation in this group has a different setup , too.

And don't give me the "you should ALWAYS" compile your own... I don't
have time to do THAT... but I don't expect the rest of the linux
universe to kowtow to my needs... its' very nice if they do... but
expectations are part of the problem, aren't they ?????

It's not just windows users that like to use the KDE or GNOME or , pick
your poison , Suse has a whole lot of different window managers.. Black
Box is a favourite w/ many... It's nice to be able to switch to
different "desktops" for different needs ....

People you probably disapprove of are coming to linux.... get over it.
It just isn't going to be some 1337 club any more .... IF you need
that type of thing, commercial distros are not for you ...

I seriously doubt any of them will suit your needs, as they all try to
capture at least some of the new business, as well as keep most of
their old users, AND commercial enterprises happy...

The watchWord is standardization



afterthought Who you callin' "argumentative", Bucko?

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