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Re: [SLE] KDE 3.x or Gnome 2.0?
  • From: Derek Fountain <fountai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 14:02:45 +0100
  • Message-id: <200207011302.OAA114868@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Now that Gnome 2.0 has been released (and, from the screenshots, it loos
> > better than previous) I wondered what people thought was the best and
> > why?
> I think new gnome is MY best way. It load faster than kde3, i like the
> gnome interface more than the 'windows like' interface of kde3, nautilus2
> is more beautiful and reliable than konqueror, gnome2 has fewer memory

Seeing as this is looking like a genuine discussion rather than a flame war,
I'll chuck my opinion in. :)

First up, I haven't tried GNOME2 yet. I read the very negative review on
Slashdot at the end of last week and thought I'd wait until it's been
polished a bit and more apps are ported over. So not only are you guys
getting my opinion, you're getting my uninformed opinion too. :)

I really would like to move from KDE. As the bloat in there continues to grow
it just gets slower and slower. Those who keep their machines up to date
probably don't notice it so much, but I don't do anything which requires
2ghz, so why should I upgrade my machine just so I can run an *environment*
at decent speed?

I was thinking GNOME2 might be the answer, but not after reading that review.
It looks like they've finally dragged themselves into the world of decent
looking anti-aliased fonts, but still can't write a bit of code which
implements a good quality, standard file dialog box. :sigh: I thought Sun
were looking at usability issues for GNOME?

People talk about Backbox, IceWm, etc., but those aren't real environments
(or are they? Is my knowledge here outdated?) I want to be able to click on a
link in my news reader and have my browser open. I want to be able to drag
the URL to the desktop and see a link icon appear on the desktop. I want
faultless drag and drop across apps, I want a CD player to pop up when I put
an audio disk in the drive. It's obviously a lot to ask. Microsoft remain the
only one's who've got close as yet.

In the meantime, KDE is closer than GNOME1.4 was or GNOME2 appears to be at
this stage.

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