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Re: [SLE] Solved Re: [SLE] SuSE 7.3 Pro and Epson
  • From: Brian Durant <durant@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 12:57:35 +0700
  • Message-id: <20020526055040.D8C5293C4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sunday 26 May 2002 11:54, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
- Well, actually..I was trying to get gimp-print to work with cups as
- well. I said so in another email. I just responded with the above
- message when I found out what was the issue.
- Also, I believe I just answered you compiled question before I read
- these remarks. You need the gimp development package. But I guess I feel
- like not answer your questions in the future because they might just
- cross up with other stuff and just confuse ya. Sorry about helping guess
- I'll keep quiet.

No reason to keep quiet. I appreciate all constructive advice/criticism and
have always appreciated any advice you have had to give. The postings arrived
the other way around for me. In fact the one I am replying to arrived at the
same time as your constructive postings. As I said, I am just pissing off my
territory. Why?

1) Because this was the third time someone cut into the thread about their
own problem with an Epson printer. While this isn't unusual on the list,
people that do it also usually get a verbal kick in the shin on the list.
That is what I believe I did.

2) As I wrote in an earlier e-mail, I am frustrated about all the advice with
buying the Epson, but almost total lack of advice when it comes down to
getting actually to work. How many of these guys work for Seiko-Epson ;-)

3) While no one needs to preach to the converted, I do find it to be an
irritant that there are those on the list that believe an 80 year old can
handle SuSE or any other form of Linux. If someone set everything up for
them, yes it is possible. However, Lin is not just about getting things to
work the way YOU want, they are still about getting them to work at ALL. As I
pointed out in an earlier e-mail, there were a number of other guys that
had/have problems with their Epson printers. You included. Some got their
problems solved, while others like myself are still floundering. I don't
harbor any ill will towards either those that have gotten their problems
solved, nor those that still have problems.

4) I have at least 4 outstanding issues that I haven't been able to solve or
to get to work correctly. One of them being the printer. This is one of those
instances where I can without a doubt say that I am disappointed. When there
was talk of a native Linux driver and close cooperation with the Linux
community, one assumes that you go to the Epson site, download the driver and
install it in 5 minutes, just like in Win, or at least I did. It is perfectly
legitimate to not reply to a problem you don't know anything about, but it is
not unknown for people on the list to totally go verbally berserk when they
haven't been able to get things on their Lin system to work either the way
they want it to or the way it should. That is not to say that I went verbally
berserk ;-)

5) For the pure esthetics of it. Look how ugly the thread looks now ;-)



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