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TrippLite UPS Interface Problem
  • From: alta <spam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 10:45:36 -0800
  • Message-id: <20020214183358.77DBECF42F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

TrippLite Support has not responded to my email messages, so before
contacting the TrippLite CPO, I am hoping someone out there on
this Linux list has had success with the serial (DBD-9) interface
from UPS to SuSE 7.3.

With the ups monitoring software installed and TrippLite BC PRO 850
UPS connected, my system shuts down within seconds of entering:

rcups start

I am using a 9-wire cable that connects the same pins
(straight-through) on either end. I have tried genericups type
numbers of "4" and "5".

Further, due to no answer from TrippLite Support, I attempted to do
some reverse engineering. I disconnected the UPS from 110v, and
monitored resistences and voltages on the unit's DBD-9 connector. I
expect there are contact-closures on the other side. It ran my
computer and CRT 40 minutes before the low-battery indicator lit up.
Through the whole process, pins 3,6,7,8 indicated near-zero
resistance together and connected to ground. No changes occurred
through the power disconnect and discharge sequence!

Your help appreciated. It seems like a good unit, and I would hate
to have to return it to the vendor.

... Reed (reply to alta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)


Dear technical Support ...

I am having difficulty getting your BC PRO 850 to work with Linux.

Can you send me pin-outs for the the DBD-9 connector on the BC PRO
850? Or, can you tell me where to find the information? In other
words, I need details for the "contact closure" style interface --
which pins are used for what event?

I have spent a number of hours attempting to get the unit to work
with a Linux system, without success. The BC PRO 850 manual contains
no informantion on the DBD-9 interface. I have searched the
TrippLite web site, without success. I have attempted to locate the
active power-fail pins by taking ohm and voltage readings...

The technical information would be a big help.

No RS-232 cable was supplied with the unit. I am using a
straight-through cable, where each pin is connected to the same pin
at the other end.

Sincerely ... Reed

Reed White - ALTA RESEARCH -
Phone: 877-360-2582 - Email: alta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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