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I am going to buy my first UPS
Hi all,

I have no experience with UPS, so here my questions are.

1) What kind of software should I use with the UPS? I want the PC to log when
a power failure happen, and to turn off when the failure lasts too much. That
software must work with serial port, as I do not have USB ports.

2) What is RS-232 connector? Is it common serial port?

3) How much sellers lie? I mean, I have seen some low cost UPS and sometimes
they can resist longer than high cost UPS. I know that half load of a low
cost one is much less than half load of a high cost one, but I do not find
that information very trustful. So, guys and girls, how much does your UPS

4) What UPS do you have, and how is your life with it?


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