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Installation of SuSE 7.3 on Pentium-4 machine
  • From: SMD (Michael) Alachouzos <alacos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 23:38:27 +0200
  • Message-id: <200112312138.XAA38103@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I am attempting to install SuSE 7.3, and am having the following

1. My CPU is an Intel Pentium 4. SuSE's standard bootdisk for
installing v7.3 continues to suffer from the architecture-reporting
problem -- previously affecting v7.0 -- which is described at .
The problem is that (quote) 'the Linux kernel [on the bootdisk]
reports this architecture [i.e. the Pentium-4 architecture] as
"i?86", which is an unknown architecture for RPM and it therefore
fails to install the packages'.

2. For this reason, I have only been able to install the SuSE system
by using a bootdisk created (with rawrite.exe) from the online image
ftp://ftp. ... [etc (as above)] ... /7.0/kernel/pentium4/p4-bootdisk
-- which is an adjusted version of the image for the kernel required
by SuSE Linux VERSION 7.0. This adjusted image was created and
published by SuSE specifically for the purpose of solving the above
problem concerning installation on Pentium-4 machines. Unfortunately,
though, there doesn't seem to be any adjusted kernel for VERSION 7.3
currently available (for Pentium-4 users) from the SuSE site.

3. It seems, moreover, that version 7.3 cannot be installed PROPERLY
with the currently-available Pentium-4 bootdisk for v7.0 (see para. 2
above). By this I mean that it CAN be INSTALLED -- and I have, in
fact, installed it -- but that the resulting installation is
DEFECTIVE in various annoying respects. E.g.:--

-- Subsequent attempts to update or install software forming part of
the version-7.3 CD package are hampered/frustrated by the fact that
the SuSE version number recorded to the hard disk via the bootdisk
(during the installation procedure) differs from the version number
on the CD actually inserted (for subsequent update/installation
purposes) into the CD drive.

-- Various files and directories required by version 7.3 are either
installed in wrong places or not installed at all. An example is
/usr/share/doc/susehilf/var/pac_en/KDE/index.html -- which is
reported as non-existent every time I try to find any info via the
SuSE Helpcenter (in KDE). [In fact, I keep getting the message that
the Helpcenter "could not even open english.pkd (as fallback) at
./ line 76"]

4. Please note that the following have not helped in any way:--

-- Inserting the line "arch-compat: i?86: i686" in /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc

-- Manually creating a directory /mnt/usr/lib/rpm [There is no such
directory by default after my installation of v7.3] and then placing
inside it a newly-created text file rpmrc containing the single line
"arch_compat [etc (as above)]"

I assume that these and similar problems affect all Pentium-4 users
attempting to install version 7.3 (?). If anyone here knows of any
specific example of a SUCCESSFUL installation of the 7.3 default
system (with or without office or other software) on a Pentium-4 PC,
please could you let me know how it was done? Otherwise, can you
please make any suggestion(s)/comment(s) which you think might be
suitably informative and/or useful. Unfortunately, I am quite new to
Linux and am not yet in a position to be able to edit or compile a
Linux kernel -- so if that is what is required then I would
appreciate any links to sites which explain (for the benefit of
newbies) how to do so.

This is a very frustrating situation :-(

Michael Alachouzos

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