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Re: [SLE] installing SuSE 7.3 by ftp on a box with no floppy
  • From: Leah Cunningham <leah@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 14:20:59 -0800
  • Message-id: <20011128142058.Y27527@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
My guess is that this is not working because the installer for 7.2
doesn't know how to handle installing 7.3. You really should boot
the correct boot disk for 7.3 so you have the right version of YaST
running. Maybe you can set it up to net boot, or, like you said
cannabalize another box for a floppy.

bobby cossum (geek@xxxxxxxxxxxx) [011127 21:58]:
> ok, i'm cheap. i bought a copy of 7.2 and don't really care to pop for
> 7.3. i built a new little box and i'm so cheap i didn't bother putting
> a floppy drive in it. the problem is, how do i get SuSE 7.3 onto this
> pig?
> here's what i figured. Boot the 7.2 cd into manual install. Load the
> tulip driver for my nic. i tell it to start installation and i choose
> ftp for the mdeium. i tell it my ip address,, give it my
> router's ip address,, the address of the dns server i use,
> the ip address for,, the path,
> /pub/suse/i386/7.3. i tell it i want to do a fresh install, but let it
> use the fstab from a minimal 7.2 install i did.
> it spends a lot of time claiming that's loading data to a ram disk and
> then starts yast1. i tell it i want to create/change configuration and
> it starts getting configuration stuff off the server but eventually
> dies. alt-f3 gets me the following ...
> Error : Unknown Error!, Deteil: 0, File: Line: 622
> /sbin/YaST return code is 256 (errno = 2)
> is what i want to do impossible, or is there just a little something
> wrong in my approach. should i give up and cannabalize anoher box for a
> floppy drive? that's probably the easiest approach, but what i'm doing
> seems, (to me), like it ought to work.
> thanks,
> bc
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