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Re: [SLE] Linux box behind SuSEFirewall2

Thanks, that helped. Although I had been into that dialog box before to
configure the card, I had not considered the nameserver part. I had the
nameserver set to be dragoon. The trick was adding my ISP's nameservers as
well. Once I added them, the external connection came right up.

Unfortunately, this seems to have only worked that one time. The changes
were made while cardmgr had a temporary routing set up. So, when later I
booted up again, with the network PCMCIA card inserted, my attempts to ping
even internal machines are answered with a "network is unreachable" message.
I went back in and reconfigured using yast2 without the card installed, but
that doesn't seemed to have helped either. The network is still unreachable.

Obviously I have a number of questions, but I think chief among them is where
does cardmgr get its network routing information to set up the network when
the card is inserted? Does it have its own separate network configuration


On Thursday 11 October 2001 02:58, kbb0927@xxxxxx wrote:
> Sean,
> On the laptop under YasT2->network basic-> LAN, set up the routing under
> the laptop's NIC so that dragoon is the gateway for it, and set up the
> nameserver's IP where it asks for nameserver, save, let SuSEconfig run
> and you should be in business. I use my laptop all the time this way.
> HTH,
> Keith B.
> "Theo. Sean Schulze" <theo.schulze@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >I have a small home network which sits behind a linux box running SuSE
> > 7.2Pro (update), kernel 2.4.6 and SuSEfirewall2. One of the machines
> > behind the firewall is a laptop running SuSE 7.2Pro. I am trying to set
> > it up so that the laptop can access the Internet over the network through
> > the firewall. So, the firewall would be its gateway. My /etc/hosts looks
> > like this:
> >
> > localhost
> > hussar
> > graves
> > dragoon
> > lancer
> > pontifex
> > scout
> >
> >
> >Dragoon is the linux box running SuSEfirewall2. It connects to the
> > Internet using ISDN and I4L. Graves, running Mac OS 9.1, can access the
> > Internet over dragoon, as can scout, my daughter's Win98 box. So I know
> > that
> >masquerading/forwarding is working on my gateway/firewall. What do I need
> > to do to the linux laptop pontifex to get it to access the Internet over
> > dragoon?
> >
> >I have tried configuration with yast and yast2. I set dragoon/
> > up as the nameserver and as the gateway/PtP in the dialog boxes. What am
> > I missing? Is there a file you need to see to figure this out?
> >

Theo. Sean Schulze theo.schulze@xxxxxxxxxx

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