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Re: [SLE] CD burning error
  • From: Chris Reeves <chris.reeves@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 18:07:15 +0100
  • Message-id: <20010913180715.S4761@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thu, Sep 13, 2001 at 08:56:40AM -0700, Miaoling Chiu wrote:
> Lately, I have been getting the
> weirdest error when I attempt to backup my data
> onto a CDR. I found a workaround so my situation
> isn't desperate, but I still don't understand why
> this is happening, and I'd be curious to know if
> others have seen this problem. The odd thing is
> that this problem didn't exist until about a week
> ago - before that, CD burning worked fine.
> Using Xcdroast (running under KDE), when I click
> on the button where it says "Calculate Size", I
> get this error message:
> Using 000.BASHRC;1 for
> /home/bob/pythonguido/.bashrc~ (.bashrc) mkisofs:
> Error:
> /home/bob/.kde2/share/apps/kio_http/cache/u/us.a1.yimg.
> com_us.yimg.com_a_pr_providian_financial_210235_gscc_
> greystripe.gif:19c1eb25 and
> /home/bob/.kde2/share/apps/
> kio_http/cache/u/us.a1.yimg.com_us.yimg.com_a_pr_providian
> _financial_210235_gscc_benefitsblue.gif:5bf6e6c9
> have the same Joliet name
> mkisofs: Joliet tree sort failed.

Filenames for Joliet format CDs can be as long as 128 bytes (which, since
UniCode characters are used, means 64 characters). What is happening is that
the filenames for both these files are being truncated at the 64th character
(which happens to be the last similar character that the two files have ;-> ).
Both filenames are truncated to:

Since these two filenames are both the same, the sort fails.

I don't know why this hasn't happened before... luck I suppose. Or maybe you
only recently starting browsing the web through konqueror or whatever. There's
nothing much else you can do about this (apart from excluding your browser
cache from the backup, which shouldn't cause any problems).

> Since Xcdroast cannot calculate the size of the
> CD image, at this point I can't proceed any
> further to create the image, so it's a fatal
> error.
> My workaround: I cd into the above-mentioned
> directory,
> /home/bob/.kde2/share/apps/kio_http/cache/u/ and
> type "rm *". Since this appears to be a cache
> directory, deleting these files doesn't seem to
> hurt anything. Once I've done this, I can burn
> the CD.

Hope that helps,
__ _
-o)/ / (_)__ __ ____ __ Chris Reeves
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