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Re: [SLE] IDE CDRW installation...
Rafeal put up a make shift howto yesterday and that pretty much solved my
problem. The only thing beyond that was to make the dev sr0(formerly hdc)
and hdd with permission for user as myself and group as disk. Now I can run
KOnCD from my user account without any problems. I starts up all the time.
The howto at the website is essentially the same thing as was posted by
Rafeal. However, I did not make the the 2nd cdrom (hdd) ide-scsi, I just
kept it as generic. CD to CDR writing works fine.

Now, if I can just figure out how to get both/either drives to read audio cds
then I'm set. I can't mount audio cds - sends me a message the no file format
was indicated. And If I use XMMS or Noatun I can see it reading the CD and
can get a TOC but hear no sound. Tried to set the artswrapper to various
permissions but no luck. I would like to copy the audio cds to the HD so I
can pick various tracks for compilation on a CDR. Any Idea about this?

Cheers, Curtis

On Monday 03 September 2001 08:12 pm, Tracer Bullet wrote:
> On Monday 03 September 2001 06:31 pm, Konstantin (Kastus) Shchuka,
> you wrote:
> KS> The page at the URL does not say in any place that if you use
> > ide-scsi then you need to use it on all IDE drives. It is possible,
> > but not required. That was my point. The problem is with TIMTOWTDI
> > - there is more than one way to do it. Sometimes it may be
> > confusing :-)
> >--------------------------
> Yes, it does Kastus, where in the world do you think I got it from?
> I didn't just come up with that, I don't know enough about such
> things yet to come up with obscure items yet, like TIMTOWTDI?
> What's that all about? Of course, there are different ways to do
> most everything, but you gotta learn the basics first, right?
> ********************
> KS> Being root may be dangerous even on a standalone machine. One typo
> KS> may cost you a lot. E.g. if you run cd / ; rm -rf as root it will
> KS> just delete ALL your filesystem. If you run it as a regular
> KS> user, it will may hurt just your home directory. It's usually
> KS> recommended to "sit on your hands" before hitting Enter key being
> KS> root.
> >------------------------
> And thank you very much for stating the obvious! Being logged in as
> "root" is dangerous everyone, be careful you dolts! ;-) Still many
> things require you to do that, so there is no way to completely avoid
> being root sometimes, ya just gotta be careful.
> ***************
> > In Linux (or UNIX generally) it is not the amount of information
> > you have in your head which matters (though it is useful).
> > Much more important is to know the way how to get information, use
> > man pages, howto's, or even use google. And don't be afraid to
> > learn.
> >
> > -Kastus
> -----------------------
> Thanks again for stating the obvious! That's what we are trying to
> do, in case you missed it, is learn the safe way of doing things then
> we can get wild & crazy later! :-) Explanations of things & how to
> do them are usually done by someone knowledgable or the writer of the
> programs. Anytime you, me or anyone else tries to explain something
> we are quite familar with, we often overlook the beginning things we
> had to struggle through to get to our present status. These are
> things we have to think about when explaining to others that are at a
> point we once were, otherwise frustration levels go way up, things
> are done wrong and we are sometimes scared away from things we were
> sure to enjoy. I don't want that to happen to potential new SuSE
> Linux users, I want them to come aboard and get into it like we all
> have!! Take care
> end of line
> Tracer

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