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Re: [SLE] Latest nvidia drivers
  • From: Matthew <matthew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2001 13:19:58 -0700
  • Message-id: <3B194A6E.2040102@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Terry Eck wrote:

Guy Van Sanden wrote:


Yesterday, I installed the latest drivers from nvidia (1251), got the
SuSE RPM's of their site, and an hour or 2 later, I was up and

Also using 1251 version

But when I log into X, log out, and try to go to a text console, by
screen goes either blank of gets strange colors on it. I can't do
anything but go back to X and reboot.

When I switch from X to VC1 (CTL-ALT-F1) my screen is also either black
or has garbled white areas.

Here is what I do.
When I frist boot I login to VC1 and run /usr/bin/savetextmode.
I do not logout.
Whenever I switch to VC1 and it is messed up I run /usr/bin/textmode.
This seems to solve the console problem for me. One problem I have
not been able to solve yet (don't know it it nVidia or kdm) is X locking
and loosing the mouse and keyboard. This has happened three time in the
couple of months since I installed the nVidia card and driver. In this
I had to hit the reset button.

Anyway, hope the savetextmode and textmode commands solve part of your


Happened to me too, but they whole things locked up and I tried to be clever (I have ResierFS, reboots are not so bad), but I thought I'd ssh in and then reboot it via the via, well I was so tired I entered the wrong password to get onto the workstation, su'd to root and typed reboot. Unfortuantly it was the server that got rebooted. Almost 30 days uptime went down the drain.

Just thought I'd share that, {When tired do not play with server, bad things will come of it". Word of wisdom for the day.


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