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Re: [SLE] Support vs Support (Was: [SLE] util-linux and Kernel 2.4.3)
  • From: Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO <ruben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 16:56:19 -0400 (EDT)
  • Message-id: <200104232056.f3NKuJr04778@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
This is a bad model to compare with - but let's run with it.

I used to install nearly everything by hand, but the increasing reliance
of the package manager which is being encougaged by the distros have created
cirumstances where many autoconf files and software dependencies can not
any longer be reasonably worked out. As a result, the distro's are
disfunctional without the package managers. The recent Kernel upgrade is
a prime example. So much of the core of the system's init and module
dependencies changed, that not only did nearly everything need to be rebuilt,
but even after using the RPM's from a FRESH 7.1 disk (since the on line ones
didn't work), and after an initial failure from the CD, once finally things
were massaged to work, all my origianl setting were LOST, espeically Firewall,
Routing, HOSTING and X (my voodoo3 3d stopped working again).

So the distros are say - OK we will for now on drive - YOU - (slap) -
take you r hands off the wheel.

Now it is asked - should we expect you to put the engine in as well???

Well - what the heck is the RPM then anyway!!

BTW - as for the question, if the engine originally provided can
be remotely started and then drive the car across country, while
charging my plastic for the gas... damn straight I expect your RPM to
slip that new 2.4 engine right in place....

Or at least fix the damn system so that it can work with an off the shelf


PS One Last thing - I wish Crossfire worked again. It was the reason I brought

> So if you go ahead and grab the new engine we offer you for the 2.4
> liter model, do you also expect us to put it in for you -- in your
> specific car?
> And one other thing; Where do you buy a car and get service, repair and
> tune-ups included in the normal warranty?

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