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Some basics for a novice, please
  • From: gkluther <gkluther@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 00:12:47 -0600
  • Message-id: <931152350.20010410001247@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello suse-linux-e,

I have Suse Linux 7.0 installed on an AMD Athlon 750 that sets on a
network with a Linksys 2-parallel port printserver. I have set up
the remote printers and that appears to be okay. One printer is an
HP2100 sans PostScript DIMM and the other is an Epson Color Stylus
800. My problem is that I went into one of the k-editors and just
typed a line of dribble and tried to print it to the HP2100 (remote).
The printer fired up but what came out looked like Postscript

Is there a driver or a frontend to the print process that takes PS
and turns it into PCL? Is that standard output fare for Suse
programs? (Postscript, that is) At this point not sure what
questions to ask other than I know I need to be throwing ASCII or
PCL at the printer.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Also, what am I in for with the
Epson? Do I need to be looking for Linux drivers for Epson?


Best regards,
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