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Re: [SLE] Compiling the kernel and staying compatable?
  • From: Damon Register <dregiste@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 10:23:44 -0500
  • Message-id: <3AAA4700.B516C461@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Philipp Thomas wrote:
> Nope, you can't. Modules have the version of the kernel they're compiled
> for hardcoded into them. This will necessitate to load them with the -f
> flag for different kernels.
This is all rather confusing which leads me to my question.
I have bought every version of SuSE since 6.2. Though just beginning
I was able to easily compile the kernel with the instructions in
the SuSE manual. Now it seems that with the SuSE 7.1, simplicity is
no longer the case. The SuSE 7.1 manual hasn't changed much in the
kernel chapter area but compiling has changed a lot. I was hoping to
find my answers in this group but I only see that there are other
people who are confused too.

I found under the /usr/src tree there are three sources for
/linux-2.2.18, /linux-2.4.0-4GB and /linux-2.4.0.SuSE. The /linux
symbolic link points to /linux-2.4.0.SuSE yet there isn't much
of anything there. Under /lib/modules I find /2.2.18 and
/2.4.0-4GB. What is really strange is that the only source branch
that actually contains source is the /linux-2.4.0.SuSE while there
is no corresponding /lib/modules. It seems that none of them are

Worse yet is that the graphical lilo presents 3 options that
arent't obvious in their matching the 3 kernel sources.
instead of linux, linux 2.4 and suse, why not present names that
actually correspond with the kernels.

IT seems that SuSE didn't accomodate the 3 kernels in the
SuSE manual. Searching the SuSE support database didn't help
me either. Would you or some other SuSE person please provide
a simple addendum to the SuSE 7.1 manual that covers dealing
with the 3 kernels with information such as:
1. files/packages needed for each kernel build
2. do I change the /usr/src/linux symbolic link to the kernel
that I intend to build?
3. any other variations from the standard SuSE 7.1 manual procedure
for building a kernel

I have seen several threads on this subject including this one
but none of them have really made the solution any more clear for
me. If a beginner like me can learn to build kernels in previous
versions, it can't be a difficult process and I would really
appreciate SuSE's to make it simple once again. I am really
impressed with 7.1 in spite of these small errors and I hope
that SuSE won't mind making this more clear to its fans.

Damon Register

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