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Re: [SLE] Radeon woes - Philipp!!
On Thursday 01 March 2001 12:11, Ken Hughes wrote:
> Ken Hughes wrote:
> > Thanks Lenz. My upgrade went smoothly at home as well, but I'm afraid I'm
> > going to resign my ATI All-in-Wonder 128 Pro to "Windoze-Only" status. 3D
> > still won't work and 3Ddiag tells me that there's no 3D capable chipset.
> > :(
> >
> > Oh well, all the more justification for that new Radeon or GeForce card!
> > ;^)
> Okay. I'm starting to feel like a complete id10T here. I picked up a new
> 32MB AGP Radeon yesterday, did a fresh install of 7.1 (due to disk
> lossage), and still no 3D. SaX2 finds the card just fine, but no 3D. 3Ddiag
> tells me the same thing as on my All-In-Wonder, "No 3D capable chipset
> found". I've got mesasoft installed as well. Can somebody who's using a
> Radeon, (or Lenz praps?) please tell me what the fsck I'm doing wrong here?
> Thanks,
> Ken

Ken, et al,

I'm having problems that seem related to kernel version and my ATI Rage Fury.
There is an option in the 2.4.x kernel for DRI support. I don't understand
all this 3D stuff, but I know DRI has something to do with it. In the 2.4.0
kernel that shipped with 7.1 this is clearly broken for the r128. I don't
know if that could explain your problem, but I do know my card works much
better under the 2.4.2 kernel. My network doesn't though.

Philipp has expressed some knowledge of these ATI cards. Perhaps he can
help. PHILIPP!!!!! This one's your's ;-)


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