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Re: [SLE] Looking for tips on installing KDE2 from source
On Tuesday 13 February 2001 20:40, Derek Fountain wrote:
> > Almost every KDE2 program I am trying to build fails during
> > compilation for one reason or another (usually mismatch between
> > method calls and what the compiler finds in the header files). I
> > would like to hear from other
> I build from CVS source pretty much every day on my SuSE-6.4
> system.
> > people if they had more luck then I did and if they are using the
> > SuSE RPMS or installed KDE2 from sources. If I would like to
> > install from source, do I have to remove KDE1 and KDE2 from my
> > system first? Any tips would be appreciated.
> You don't have to remove anything. I build with the --prefix set to
> /opt/kde2-HEAD which isolates the whole code, then set QTDIR and
> KDEDIR to point to the correct places. It works like clockwork.

Right here was where I had problems. Qith QTDIR set to qt-1.x I couldn't
compile qt-2.x. It died saying it couldn't find qt. With KDEDIR set to
KDE2 the KDE packages barfed a lung. I didn't want to be using or firing
a script to switch them back and forth all the time. That's why I stripped
KDE and Qt-1.x

> You shouldn't be having a problem. Provide more information, like
> what are the error messages, and what are those two environment
> variables set to in your compile shell/script?

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