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Re: [SLE] Looking for tips on installing KDE2 from source
Hi Avi,
My experience is that there are two kinds of KDE programs....
Those that require KDE1 and Qt-1.x and those that can
compile with only KDE2 and Qt-2.x present.

Those that can compile under KDE2.x and Qt-2.x only are
ones that were made with development tools that are not
dependent on Qt-1.x or KDE1 libraries. The rest are.

Unfortunately, KDevelp is one of those retarded applications
that STILL requires (which links to and
some other older libraries.

I just downloaded and attempted to install KDevelop-1.3-1
using SuSE 7.0 binaries, on the KDevelop site, that were
made yesterday, 2/11/2001.

While I appreciate the work Mathias is doing, it seems like
a waste of effort. KDE2 is already at Qt-2.2 or above and
KDevelop still requires KDE1 and Qt-1.x libraries!!!
Unbelievable! Creating an RPM package is hard work,
but making it for a subset of SuSE users that keep both
KDE1 & KDE2 and Qt-1.x and Qt-2.x on their system is
really narrowing your target users to a small number.

To install KDevelop-1.3-1 you have to enter four rpms
in the following order:
The first three installed with no problems.
The last gave the following dependency errors:

JLKreps:/opt # rpm -i kdevelop-1.3-1.i586.rpm
error: failed dependencies: is needed by kdevelop-1.3-1 is needed by kdevelop-1.3-1 is needed by kdevelop-1.3-1 is needed by kdevelop-1.3-1 is needed by kdevelop-1.3-1 is needed by kdevelop-1.3-1 is needed by kdevelop-1.3-1 is needed by kdevelop-1.3-1
JLKreps:/opt #

So, I am still without KDevelop unless I want to
remove Qt-2.x and KDE2 and go back and
reinstall KDE1 and Qt-1.x and then add KDE2
and Qt-2.x, thus being REDUNDANT.
This is STUPID! What were they smoking when
they decided to go this route?

While I was running KDE1 and Qt-1.x I found KDevelop
to be a fantasic GUI RAD tool. Until they bring it back into
the 21st century it will not waste space on my box. Just
at a time when they should be putting their act togeather
and building KDevelop FOR KDE2 on the what they've
learned from their KDE1 version, they ball and chain
themselves to KDE1 and Qt-1.x libraries!

Now, I don't plan to retry KDevelop until it will load on
a system that has ONLY Qt-2.x and KDE2.x.

Meanwhile, the $99 version of Kylix will probably be out
by June, probably long before KDevelop rejoins the 21st


On Tuesday 13 February 2001 16:53, Avi Schwartz wrote:
> Hi,
> Almost every KDE2 program I am trying to build fails during
> compilation for one reason or another (usually mismatch between
> method calls and what the compiler finds in the header files). I
> would like to hear from other people if they had more luck then I
> did and if they are using the SuSE RPMS or installed KDE2 from
> sources. If I would like to install from source, do I have to
> remove KDE1 and KDE2 from my system first? Any tips would be
> appreciated.
> Avi

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