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RE: [SLE] SuSE Inc. Lay offs?
  • From: "Timothy R. Butler" <tbutler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 21:14:20 -0600
  • Message-id: <NEBBLLAGCMFCFAMMAEHEOEILDGAA.tbutler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Excuse moi, But this is silly, if as is most likely true, teh price
> point was worked out to give a small profit ( we DO have to pay the
> programmers and people who answer phones, and utility bills etc) , yet
> you suggest one should *LOSE* money on each sale just to make a price
> point that keeps the "customers" happy??? Just how long do you think the

No. But I don't think they need to charge $70 anyway. And let's say they
do. Give us a version without all the junk (i.e. 90 days of support + 6
manuals - 30 days and 1 manual was fine thank-you) for less.

> and wrap the cds in what exactly? not to mention the manuals . have
> you considered just getting an upgrade every now and then?

Um. A jewel case? You know - the kind SuSE is now too cheap to include
that actually protects the goods.

> **Second. All those manuals. Never read 'em. Never will.
> Ditch those too.
> I suspected as much.. seen the sydrome before... IT doesn't seem to
> occur to you that you are a bit self centered about this thing. That is
> also no way to run a grown up business!

This doesn't need to be the way every version is done. But I think there
is lots of interest in this to replace the upgrade version. The upgrade
simply isn't a good deal. Make a really good deal - it's a win/win


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