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Re: [SLE] SuSE Inc. Lay offs?

I just copied your statements not snipping them, my questions following:

Actually, it's a small step for SuSE in general, we've still got about
600 employees worldwide.
No danger here at all
No. The sales have climed steadily. It's just that when suse started in
the us people thought they'd add an incentive for retail by selling the
box cheap to them, so that they could add a huge markup and make a nice
profit. It turned out they only added a very small markup and suse linux
was WAY too cheap in this country.
Actually, the business climate is still very good. All the big guys are
moving into Linux rapidly. It's just that the consumers don't buy as
many boxes here, plus the market is split much more than anywhere else -
because EVERYONE wants to be in the us market so here's the most
competition for box sales.

Here are my questions :
If everything looks so good why fire people? I can understand some
difficulties on segments of the market but you can use them on other segments
where things are better as you stated.
Is it because of the big guys ? Those big guys will be selling to us with a
big price and a big profit while SuSE will remain dependant of the big guys.
I think SuSE made a bad choise. SuSE has to build step by step its growth.
People will pay for a strong and good technical SuSe even if the price is a
little higher.


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