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[SLE] Goodby Suse, Hello Mandrake
  • From: e.richards@xxxxxxxxxxx (Eric Richards)
  • Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 22:45:09 +1300
  • Message-id: <001101c03ffb$7b30a2a0$1300a8c0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

It's a fact that sometimes some of the best sales people are the customers,
At this point in time I would like more friends
to go Linux, but all the problem I have would now never recommend SuSE,

It all started through no fault of Suse, the mouse port on my computer
packed up, then soon had other problems, I tried to change things in SAX
then go and save, but then a message would come up nothing to save, So then
I went though to Keyboard, monitor and saved that way, I could never find
out how to do a mouse text in SAX, So then I booted up with CD#1 and went
through the motion and ended up at one stage getting into a endless loop,
then after "hoping" I fixed something it would only boot to "LI" not "LILO"

Email, Netscape would send mail, but would shut down when I went to try and
get mail,
another Email program in Suse 6.4 would receive mail but would not send any

Printer, I was unable to set up my old "RELIABLE" dot matrix printer,
Mandrake picked it up no problem

Network, I was never able to see another computer from Linux but could
easily go from windows into Suse & even more easily see Windows to Windows

Their is other things that bug me, that really make a getting into Linux a
pain in the neck,
if we are going to recommend Linux to our friends they need to be listed to
by the
Linux distributors

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