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Re: [SLE] Attention SuSE'ers: New Distro Suggestions laid out, waddaya think? (was: [SLE] SuSE Needs a &quot;Guru Edition&quot;!)

This is not going to work in country like Singapore with the horrible ADSL
infrastructure monopolised by only one company. I have taken on average 10
hours to ftp an ISO image. And our so-called ADSL is on time-based or
capacity-based, very expensive. Cable modem service here is also hopeless
at time, a 33.6k dial-up beats the cable modem most of the time at night.


> I still think they should move away from the CDs and towards distribution
> via limited access ftp through membership fees. They could give those
> members also the ability to burn a copy of an official release iso pack
> not only an evaluation one.
> SuSE then could give access sooner to the ones who are paying and they
> could give those members access to beta ftp versions before they come out
> lessen the amount of bugs once officially released.
> It would bring customers closer to the development process. They could
> create a SuSE memberbook series which gets revised every 2 years and sent
> out to all members. That they members have documentation but don't have 4
> versions of almost the same manuals.
> I know it sounds like a lot of work to implement but it may be useful and
> the right way to cut costs for SuSE as well as SuSE users.
> SuSE comes with a lot of packages. I can't imagine the amount of work it
> to keep track of them all. I always wondered why SuSE doesn't create a
> 'community' which takes care of packaging the smaller numerous apps.

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