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RE: [SLE] Graphical login - windowmanagers

Well, changed the default WM to gnome and then restarted.
Logged in and up comes gnome. Went back to the login
screen and chose kde from the menu. Clicked on "Go", and...
up comes gnome.........sigh.

So, no matter what default WM I choose in susewm, it will be
the ONLY WM I can start from the graphical login screen.
It did not used to be this way and I don't know how I broke it.

Any idea what config file to fix? SuSE guys - any help?


Michael Cleary
UNIX Qualification and Commands
Data General, a Division of EMC2
62 T.W. Alexander Dr.
Research Triangle Park, NC
mdcleary@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (919) 248-6033

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"Cleary, Mike" wrote:
> Thanks, no, I have not tried that yet - although I actually thought
> about doing that just last night. But I had planned to rebuild my
> kernel last night, so I opted to do that instead! :) I will try
> changing the default WM to gnome or something tonight & see
> what happens.
> But even if I do that, and it works, and gnome comes up as the
> default, what does that tell me? I know that gnome will work,
> since I am able to start it w/ "WINDOWMANAGER=gnome startx "
> from the console. Also, if I then go back to KDE (i.e. change it
> back to being the default), will all my current settings still be there?

Sorry, don't know about config settings being saved. I would guess that
htey would be.
It probably is in your .kderc (?) file or .gnomerc. I know my .fvwm2rc
is unchanged if I run kde or gnome.

To avoid all these problems I use plain old fvwm2, the time I save on
window manager config problems more than makes up for the clunkiness
of fvwm2. :-)

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