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[SLE] Changing Network Cards


I'm having a bit of a problem with a boxes. I would like to upgrade
its network card from 10mb to 100mb. .... i put in the new cards
and boot up. The system boots fine but gives errors against the
network card driver load as of course the card has changed ... i edit
conf.modules so that the alias points at the new driver module and
the line in rc.config which had the module name in as well (right at
the top i think it has something to do with loading modules v. early
in the boot sequence....) .... when i reboot it still fails to come up
properly appearing to load the old module still....? huh?

ystem is a basic Suse 6.3 install and the network cards in
question are cheapo realtek 8139 chipset ones.

Also after its booted i can do a modprobe rtl8139 and the module
will load (and gives a message in /var/log/messages indicating its
found the card) but still wont let me start networking up
(/sbin/init.d/network start). Has any one got a card with this chipset
who can give any pointers?
Tim Hempstead,

"Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a
tea-cosy, dosn't try it on"
- Billy Connelly

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