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Re: [SLE] Working/reccomended network cards

It's funny that you had problems setting up your Linksys card. I just plugged mine in, added a line to conf.modules and away it went. No problem. Perhaps my card is one of the older tulip cards that didn't need any driver tweeking. I got it as part of a Linksys Ethernet in a Box package. Two NICS and a 4 port hub for a really great price (£70 ukp on special offer in a local shop about a year ago). I suppose it could also be something to do with particular mobo/chipsets and these cards and I was lucky although my M$ box has a dodgy FIC AMD K6/2 mobo and the Linksys card works OK with that too. Oh well, the joys of the crap PC architecture.

By the way, I also had the same ease of setup with my DLink card too.


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On 31/08/2000 at 20:23 Darren R. Weber wrote:

>On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Sean Akers wrote:
>> I have both a D-Link DFE-530TX 10/100 card (via-rhine driver) and
>>a Linksys LNE100TX 10/100 card (tulip driver) in my Linux server (i.e. both
>>are in the same machine). One for my internal network and the other for my
>>cable modem internet connection. Both of these cards are excellent and very,
>>very good value for money. Much better value than 3com or Intel offerings IMHO.
>> By the way. I'm running SuSE 6.4 with the standard kernel.
>> Hope this helps.
>> Sean.
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>I have to disagree with that earlier post. I had some Linksys cards that were
>a pain to set up. One of them I never did get to work. I later got two PCI
>3com 905b cards and stuck them in. 5 min later everything was working. I
>won't bash anybody else's choice but I'll be using these cards until they are
>obsoleted, and that will be a while.
>Darren R. Weber
>ICQ# 2849193

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