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Re: [SLE] Port Connection Question
  • From: jbarnett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jack Barnett)
  • Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 12:33:29 -0500
  • Message-id: <003401c002f1$1aff3280$153046c6@xxxxxxx>

> Hi all. I've run into a problem with Sendmail on my 6.3 box. The box
> let me telnet into port 25 from any other box. I don't know if this is a
> Sendmail problem, or something else. I can telnet in normally, but if I
> port 25 from anywhere else it gets a connection refused. The Sendmail
> daemon is running, it reports that it is accepting connections on port 25.
> I've uncomments the like from the inetd.conf to allow it to be run there.
> Does anyone have any idea what else to try?
> Thanks,
> Lee

Do you have it running under tcp wrappers?

You might want to consider running it as a stand alone daemon, this way it
doesn't have to keep respawning for each email that is coming in. The bad
thing about running it as a stand alone daemon means that anyone can
connection to your mail server (but not nessically relay though it), but has
better performance.

If you only want certain hosts to connection, try something like this in
"/etc/hosts.allow" (this is with sendmail running from inetd with

# Internal Network can Connect to sendmail
# Other trusted host that can connection to sendmail

and in "/etc/hosts.deny" have something like this:

# Deny all other connections to sendmail by default

But if you do this and someone from outside of this (say for
example) won't be able to pass you email. So if bob@xxxxxxxxxxx sends email
to you@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx they will get an error saying it couldn't connect
or send mail to that server. In the config above, this is most likely be
used as an "internal mail server" where people can pass email on the LAN.

Also since you are running 6.3, I would recommened that you upgrade to the
lastest version of Sendmail (8.11.0 IIRC) and also the lastest 2.2.16 kernel
for security reasons.

Also after you setup you probably will need this:


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