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Re: [SLE] SuSE 7 Deluxe now vmware talk
  • From: sienix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Guy Van Sanden)
  • Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 06:10:36 -0700
  • Message-id: <3991584c.17a.0@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I don't think anyone wants SuSE to stand still. But many
home-users are what made SuSE great. (I introduced SuSE in my
company because it's the distro of my choice).

Including reiserfs and other stuff is great. Offering a
seperate version of SuSE with vmware license is also great,
provided offcourse that we can still choose the vmware-less

But splitting the distro up into two parts and almost dubbling
the price, also for home-power-users is , I think a very bad
move for an Open Source company, selling an GPL based OS.

The last thing I would want is for any Linux company to begin
acting like M$...

Once again you seem not to understand what the goal was. People
on the list
suddenly had this HUGE interest in VMware as soon as Michael
"Professional comes with VMware license". There is also many
users on here
who buy every single release of SuSE. Add 1 and 1 together and
get 2.

SuSE users may want a bundled deal. SuSE users still want every
SuSE release
and stay up to date. They also want VMware. Combine the two and
you have
what I described as SuSE Expert. Hence, this is why SuSE may
want to look
into this. Maybe this is a potential product scheme.

Is it complicating things? Yes, but I am sure IBM has way more
contracts =) And yes you have to keep track but maybe it is
worth it. You
certainely will raise a lot of eye brows and gain users. I said
twice that
details have to be worked out to make this financially probable.
Maybe the
100 dollar target is way off.

Then you made a comment that VMware can just easily sell their
themselves. Oh if business was so easy. If that were true we
wouldn't have a
thread of 200 emails about how SuSE creates now two versions.
software doesn't sell itself so easy. Also I may like to point
out that
Microsoft didn't get to where they are by selling Windows on the
shelves all
by itself. They bundled it with everything they could possibly
bundle it
with. When I explained the SuSE Expert version and put the price
target to
100 dollars and said there was a SuSE+VMware deal I meant that
SuSE bundles
their product and then channels some of the profits back to
VMware. Of
course they can't sell a VMware license and not pay VMware. I am
certain this will sell more licenses of VMware than VMware could
ever sell by themselves for the price of 299. America is the
land of bundles
it seems. You can't walk a block without seeing some bundled
deal. McDonalds
and Britney Spears, George Foreman and grills, get a hub and two
nics, SuSE
and VMware, Linux und Musik (remember that one? =), ....

And people buy this bundled stuff. Time seems to have proven

I think the essential question is: Do you want SuSE to remain
forever where
they are, selling a single Linux product, or go out there
and make some serious business with people offering all kinds of
ranges? If it was me I would want to evolve into some strong

I guess I have another fact to prove my theory. SuSE now comes
Reiserfs. There seems to be no money involved?! But people seem
to love the
opportunity to use this file system and I bet simply by
including it it is
an advantage point to keep a SuSE user a SuSE user and not have
him go to
some other distro. hence there is money involved. Every single
reason which
keep a user a SuSe user means money for SuSE. VMware may be such
a reason.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with VMware in any way and have
never used

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