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Re: [SLE] LinkSys 10/100Mb card and HOWTO
  • From: eduardo.carriles@xxxxxxxxxxx (Eduardo Carriles)
  • Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2000 02:02:47 +0200
  • Message-id: <398CAB27.E75188A4@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Gary,

See "Support Page : LNE100TX LINUX" & "EtherFast 10/100 LAN Card Linux Support"

It talks about "Linksys network cards use a driver called Tulip" and
"To download the latest version of the Tulip.c driver, go..." at same page.

Also they detail completely the procedure to test and install on a generic
Linux distro.

Also you can find the kernel loadable module at your:

You must tweak your /etc/modules.conf and check for tulip options.
You must check that you have "alias ethx(x=0,1,n) tulip" near the beginning.

Also booting your CD on YaST(1) gives you the opportunity to auto- detect your
Nic and tell you which is the module used looking at "Loaded drivers" in
"Kernel modules" running under Linuxrc.

The SuSE manual you must have details completely the process.

The clue is = tulip.


Best regards,
Eduardo Carriles

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(Long time SuSE-Linux [preferred distro] user).
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Gary Kline wrote:

> A few days ago I bought a 10/100Mb LinkSys ethernet card at CompUSA
> for my 6.4 Linux system. I have 2 older (10Mb) cards on this home
> network between my two FreeBSD boxes; they work fine. The card is
> lit on the 10Mb LED and it my hub shows the connection too, so at
> least the hardware connection there seems solid.
> But I've having trouble trying to get my new box ""
> talking to this box, "" and wonder if any of you
> can help me.
> Last night I used the YAST tool to configure various network things,
> including the ethernet link. No joy. And so far today, likewise,
> no luck. I don't see any indication that the Linux system even
> sees the card--from dmesg. What should I be looking for? Also,
> do I need to install any kernel module?
> I have "suzah" designated as, but even trying
> % telnet 10.3
> fails with the error that the "Network is unreachable."
> Any network gurus out there?
> thanks,
> gary kline

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