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Re: [SLE] [OFF-TOPIC] php3 question
  • From: tns01@xxxxxxx (Jean-François Bocquet)
  • Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 20:08:38 +0200
  • Message-id: <20000609200838.D12684@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Michael,
on Friday, June 09, 2000 at 11:33:26 -0400, you sat in front of your keyboard and wrote:
> Afternoon Everyone:
> I apologize for this being off-topic, and if anyone has some better lists
> to post this to, please direct me that way.
> I'm running Apache and I have php3 support working. My limited
> understanding so far is that I can write a document with a .php3
> extension, in a format similar to C and have it display that document in a
> web browser after performing the functions, commands, etc. outlined in the
> php3 document.
> I read through the documentation included with the php3 rpm, and tried one
> or two examples, which worked really well. One was a one-liner to call up
> system information on Apache and php3, and the other was a command to talk
> to a PostgreSQl database. Both worked, but, I had to specifically type in
> the name of the php3 file after I typed in the url for the web page in my
> browser. Is there anyway to make it so the page automatically gets loaded
> as soon as the user hits the site? I know that if you have an index.html
> in the directory, this will get loaded when a user goes to the
> site. Anyone know off hand of an HTML command that I can put in the HTML
> document that says load up this php3 page? Possibly both can be written
> in the same document, but I need to do some more reading for this. :)

You d'ont have to load PHP3 files from inside an HTML file.
PHP3 files are HTML files containing PHP3 functions enclosed in the HTML
sintax by using:
this PHP functions are then parsed by Apache and the result is sent to the
requesting user agent and displayed in your Netscape window.
But for this to work properly, the files ends with .php3 instead of .html.


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