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Re: [SLE] Doom Problem
  • From: Rik.Dunphy@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Rik Dunphy)
  • Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 09:18:28 +0100
  • Message-id: <392CE1D4.7C833CEA@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Syeh Abidin wrote:
> Hello All,
> Anybody know how to make Doom (XDOOM) work if we use 16bpp or
> higher color ..?
> If not, How to change X from 16 bpp to 8bpp without restart it.
> If I play doom (SDOOM, SVGA Lib) I must be a root !! Why ? and
> how to solve it.
> In SuSE there is a Library error /usr/lib/ when I
> use to play doom, So I changed to Doom's Why the
> symbolic back again from Doom' has to SuSE has..
> WindowMaker maNIa


I had similar problems,

For xdoom, you can start up another X session on screen 1
e.g. startx -- 1: --bpp8

the use CTRL-ALT F7/F8 to switch between them. To speed up the process it's
better to load a small window manager, or preferably add xterm to the
/usr/X11/bin/wmlist file so you can simply start up an xterminal.

startx xterm -- 1: -bpp 8

But this is tiresome, so I downloaded every different version of doom for
linux and came across "lxdoom".

This runs quite happily under any color depth and is much easier to
configure. It also runs well with WAD files from Doom, Doom 2, and Doom SE.
All you need do is set an environement setting DOOMWADDIR to point to your
wad directories,

e.g. export DOOMWADDIR=/mnt/win/games/doom

then simply start lxdoom. If you want to resize the screen you can by

lxdoom -width 800 -height 600.

As for the SVGAlib, I couldn't figure out this one either. Anyone any

Hope that's of use

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