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Re: [SLE] Is Linux Ready?
  • From: bernie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (bernie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
  • Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 18:45:51 +0800 (WST)
  • Message-id: <200005241045.SAA22640@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Kevin Jackson tapped away at the keyboard with:
> > In any browser you can choose to turn "frames off". That's one other
> > thing the WYSIAWYGS don't do, is create a page for customers who are
> > coming through a firewall that sets "frames=off". All my pages have a
> > "text only" link, that leads to pages that show nil but text.
> > They also
> > all include "alt" tags for those who must use a visually impaired type
> > system. These are all things I do as a matter of course when I am
> > building a site. Unfortunately, most WYSIAWYG builders have no setting
> > for this!

> There is a tag: <noframes> option that allows you to show sites with no
> frames.

A message stating to get a frames-capable browser. Unless, I
suspect, the "author" does something sensible.

> DreamWeaver does this automatically when designing with frames.

I've noticed. The URL given as an example is typical.
"Come back when you have more money to waste"

> > > If you don't have a browser with frame capability then you
> > are really in
> > > need of an upgrade.
> >
> > Wrong! Your site-builder is in need of education!

> The point I was making is that Frames are a feature of the internet that
> is useful. If your browser doesn't support it then it can't take advantage
> of this.

And the web-authoring tool should automatically do the
non-frames CONTENT generation from the content entered.

That's what is missing.

> > > It puts
> > > the things on the page how you want them.
> >
> > You just spent a lot of time telling us how it does the job
> > FOR you, now
> > you're saying it only does what you tell it too.?! I am confused!

> I speak English. That sentence says "It puts the things on the page how YOU
> want them". If you click on the table button and move the mouse over to the
> web
> page you are designing and click again you have a table on your page.
> Oh, sorry, I forgot - you don't use a gui so you don't know what clicking
> means.
> I can see your confusion.

Some of us who use ChUI and GUI realize that there are too many
variables to even attempt to control layout. I have access to half a
dozen different browsers (ChUI and GUI) running at different screen
resolutions. Every one of them renders the same pages differently.

All you can do is to give the browser the best possible _hints_ as to
layout; but the browser is *never* your slave.

Bernd Felsche - Innovative Reckoning
Perth, Western Australia

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