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Re: [SLE] help - win98 defrag destroyed ext2 partitions
  • From: arjen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Arjen Runsink)
  • Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 12:04:00 +0200
  • Message-id: <39056D90.2E80B3F4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Rich wrote:

> Hi I have run win98 defrag on my c:\ drive, dev/hda1 partition and it
> has destoyed the ext2 partitions on the same drive. Linux no longer
> boots, I have tried the rescue system and used e2fsck but it reported
> that it could not find a valid ext2fs, inode problems etc The
> partitions affected are /var /usr/local /home /tmp and swap Is this
> mess recoverable? Other than a re-installation. Many thanksRich

This has happend to me too. Not usinf defrag but while creating a _VERY_
large file.

Question, did you use fips to split your partition? It appears that
Win9x does not respect the partition table and only 'listens' to the FAT
(only when using FAT32??) and happily writes straight across the
partition boundaries, flawlessly I must add. The only Windows program I
know of that actually reads the Partition Table is WinRAR.

Well, I had to reinstall the lot, especcially since the affected
partitions were / and /boot :-((((((((

But more important is to solve this once and for all!!!

I used a program called partb.exe This is a freeware podos partition and
FAT editor and I adjusted the FAT with errors (displayed in red) so they
had the correct info on the partitions and all was well.

Later I ran Partition Magic 5 and it reported no errors. Maybe it too
can solve it but I wanted to actually see what was going on.

Good Luck!

BB, Arjen

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