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Re: [SLE] DSL PPPO and Bell Atlantic ( as well as

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, Samy Elashmawy wrote:
> At 12:37 PM 4/21/2000 -0500, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> >Yes, what I was told is that people were hooking their DSL router/modem
> >into the hub as well as the boxes so they all got separate ips and it
> >was filling everything up to the point that other users were refused.
> >This is also a bit of laziness on their peoples part ... they could have
> >set it up so that customers couldn't do this...but they decided to go
> >with pppoe. I am so glad that I have "Enhanced" DSL w/ static ips and I
> >am about .8 miles from the CO...damn nice connection.
> Forgive my ingnorance , but whats wrong with pppoe ?

IMHO when it works it isn't an issue. Really when it works
it's no different then DHCP. Well it doesn't give you some of the
nice things that DHCP can. Like setting up DNS numbers for you but
when it works it's fine. The problem with my ISP is that the
connection drops every so often. It isn't bad for me in that the
connection drops about once every 3-5weeks but still it's a nuisance.
In addition every time the connection drops you get a new IP when
you reconnect. DHCP would give out the same number if you reconnected
with the lease period.

> Cant you just use linux to ip masq the network on to one ip ?

Yup masq works fine.


Nick Zentena
"The Linux issue," Wladawsky-Berger explained, "is whether this is a
fundamentally disruptive technology, like the microprocessor and the
Internet? We're betting that it is."

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