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Re: [SLE] (OT) AMD processors and Linux
  • From: creimer@xxxxxxxxx (Christopher D. Reimer)
  • Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 00:36:06 -0800
  • Message-id: <001d01bf8290$05c71d60$0401a8c0@xxxxxxxx>

> Seems that AMD processors, specifically the K6/2 series, seem to be very
> popular amongst the Linux community in general and the SuSE community in
> particular. Anybody know why this is? Not a complaint, only a
> question.

AMD K6-2 Socket-7 CPUs are generally cheaper in comparison to Intel Slot-1
CPUs. Since Intel abandoned the Socket-7 market, the easiest upgrade path
for many people has been a Super Socket-7 motherboard and a K6-2 CPU.
Finding an AT Slot -1/Celeron motherboard is nearly impossible, but you can
usually pick several different kinds of AT Socket-7 motherboards. I
currently have a K6-233 for my linux server, and K6-2 450 for my Windows
box. No problems, whatsoever.

Intel should probably only be considered if you need the superior floating
point performance for graphics and/or massive calculations, or if you happen
to have a quad motherboard. :)

Christopher Reimer

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