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RE: [SLE] ICE Window Manager

On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, Yatsen Ng wrote:

> > You've got a really good point. I, OTOH, keep returning to bb. WMaker is
> > nifty, for sure, but WMaker is soo much more than a window manager.
> How so? I installed it and I have to admit that it's fast and looks pretty
> slick.

1. Explicit Keygrabs prevent it from being ICCCM-Compliant (aka Hotkeys). This
means that some UNIX implementations of X11 will not play nicely.
2. The Dock is too much. Too many functions. Window managers should
manage windows, and that's all.
3. The Iconification of a window chews up valuable real-estate.
4. ImLib, though fast, is still considered bloat in my book ;)

These are *only* my observations and resultant opinions. I don't *want* to
start a flame war, I'm only reposting because somebody asked.

# umount /dev/flamethrower
# sync

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