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Re: [opensuse-wiki] Wiki clean-up / openSUSE Wiki Janitors?
On Tuesday, September 20, 2011 07:47:38 AM Stephan Barth wrote:

maybe I have missed something, but I couldn't find any follow-up for the
wiki session by Henne at oSC11. I think the basic idea was to do some
clean-ups by going through

Is there any public video or transcript of that session.
(it would be easier to think about)

As the name tells, they are Special, so it is not for daily use :)
(Only per doctor prescription. :)

We already had cleanups focused to clean some of special pages (AllPages),
which was in my humble waste of time. Special:AllPages is not navigation help,
it is tool for wiki editors and how clean it is actually doesn't matter.

What creates wiki structure are:
*left sidebar for all wiki pages
* index pages (in our case Portal:*),
* categories (as special type of index),
* in page embedded indexes, like:
** "See Also" section,
** top navigational templates
** right sidebars
* and of course links in the text.

I volunteered there to help and still want to ;)

Although we don't have current to do list, nor a lot of help pages, as almost
everybody of old crew stopped at some point in time (burnout, I guess), it is
still relatively easy to spot action items. There is still quite a few red
links in important pages. Yesterday I visited
prompted by forum user that was confused with intro section, and changed
wording so that is not confusing, and looked at the page. There was quite a
few red links to non existing pages.

Next thing that requires some CSS knowledge is fixing some bits that don't fit
together. For instance line with:
User page Discussion View source History
is right below title covering parts of template used for user pages.
That problem we are solving on the run with
<br style="clear: both;" />
at the bottom of the page as you can see on almost every Portal page.
It would be nice to have that as part of CSS.
There is few more that can be found in previous emails to this list , in the
bugzilla, etc.

Also, not really maintenance task would be changing some colors.
Current style is created to be Novell like.
Black line at the top, used to connect whole web space.
With SUSE as a main sponsor now, line could be changed to some green stuff.

Maybe this could be some kind of wiki janitor project for openSUSE, so that
there is a common name where everyone understands what is meant. The term
'janitor' is for example used by Xorg and the kernel guys too. But this is
still just a suggestion.

Wiki maintenance is already mentioned a lot of times, and in US English, that
is broader term then janitor and means cleaning and repair personnel, so we
can use it without creating competing group. I don't think that new name will
help essentially :)

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