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Re: [opensuse-wiki] new extensions on wiki.o.o
  • From: Christian Boltz <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 01:17:49 +0200
  • Message-id: <201006170117.50118@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

on Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010, Rajko M. wrote:
On Tuesday 15 June 2010 10:44:40 Thomas Schmidt wrote:
to see which pages link into another namespace

We will have bunch of cross namespace links from Portal to openSUSE,
SDB, Help, Category,etc. Also some from Main to namespaces as help
to keep alive on the web few important pages.
We don't use namespaces strictly as it is Wikipedia, where Main is
only namespace where are content articles. We have SDB that also has
content articles, so there will be more links from software
presentation in Main to problem resolution in SDB and vice versa.

Yes, of course. Nobody said that links in other namespaces are
forbidden, and I agree that links from main to Portal or SDB are ok.

However, there are some links from main namespace to User: - those
should be checked IMHO.
OTOH, links from team pages to User: are quite normal.

It's really not that easy with namespaces ;-)

I'm just re-thinking if the extension is really useful if we have so
many allowed CrossNamespace links - what do you think?

That said: maybe the extension needs some hacking to
- allow listing links _from_ SDB, Portal, Help and openSUSE
- skip links to "good" namespaces (SDB, Portal etc.) - ideally as a
config option per namespace ("Main may link to x, y and z")

Oh, another thing I just see: Thomas, did you see (and implement) the
small patch/bugfix on ?

a gui to select the categories

Looks good, although list is a bit too large and in its current shape
will not help anybody. It lists each category and its subcategories
which in our case means 2 times all categories due to "openSUSE
project" category that is parent for all categories.

Probably not - AFAIK the category list contains each category only once,
even if it is contained in multiple parent categories (to avoid endless

The good thing is: the categories in the openSUSE wiki have only one
parent category (at least those I checked), therefore this detail is
irrelevant in practise. (Assumed that a correct starting point is set.)

I got trouble
to find Category:Wiki :)

That's why I recommended to set a starting point per namespace ;-)

If you really prefer typing: It should still be possible to type
[[Category:Wiki]] in the textarea.

Additionally, the margin / line height could be reduced to have more
categories visible.

Current value (from base.css):
ul li, ol li { margin:0.5em 0; }

I'd reduce it to 0.1 em by adding this CSS sniplet:
#SelectCategoryList li { margin: 0.1em 0; }

Thomas, if you like this idea, add it to the CSS ;-)

BTW: Thomas, IIRC I wrote you that you should change the gardening-green
border of the category selection to something matching the bentoo style.
My next CSS examples will have "border: 5px solid red" *g*

It would be really helpful if it would be collapsible and browsable
list. See:

That would probably require some patching - if you check the HTML source
of the edit page, you'll find something like this:

<li>[x] category</li>
<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;[x] sub-category</li>

(The changelog says the extension previously used a multi-select
listbox, that might explain it.)

The &nbsp;&nbsp; can be changed somewhere in Mediawiki:..., but changing
it to a <ul> / <li> "tree" (which would be required for collapsing)
means hacking the extension code.

and also paragraph above Compatibility Problems with
SemanticMediaWiki Queries. IMO, Semantic MediaWiki is more important
then this extension.

OK, good point. I have to admit that I forgot about that because my
(customer's) wiki doesn't use SemantikMediawiki.

However, there's a IMHO good solution on :
"Only assign Category if [[Category:Categoryname]] is in a separate
line" - see there for details.
This also means that categories that are not listed at the starting of
the line will not be extracted to the category selection box, but that's
not a real problem IMHO - it just means they stay in the text edit box.

Thomas, can you change this in the extension code?


Christian Boltz
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